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03 2013

Chris Brogan & The Great Work MBA

Syndicated from: Box of Crayons

I am so looking forward to the Great Work MBA. We’ve gathered an amazing group of leaders to help you do more of the work that matters (and still have a life). Chris Brogan is going to kick things off, on Monday November 11th, talking about how to trust yourself. In case you aren’t familiar with Chris, his company is Human Business Works, and each of those three words capture an essential part of the Brogan mix. His New York Times best-seller is Trust Agents, and his burgeoning media empire publishes books, ebooks and recently launched a digital magazine, Owner. His blog is one of the top marketing and business blogs in the world, and he was a contributor to End Malaria. I’ve had the chance to interview to Chris a few times, most recently back in May. We talked about what it really means to be brave, particularly within the context of business. There was an interesting thread about why it’s better to be “whole” than to be “good.” We also delved into the idea of taking ownership for one’s life, with Chris pointing out, “You are the superhero you’ve been waiting for.” The interview also covers the methodical approach to eliminating excuses, and how that ties in with basic marketing – the concept of “removing all the reasons why not so that you’re only left with why.” Listen to my interview with Chris Brogan. You also might enjoy this interview from last year, where Chris turned the tables and interviewed me. We talked about some of the best tips I normally only share in our coaching programs. I’m sorry the sound’s not great on my end – however, I think you’ll enjoy this 20 minute video. Have you registered for the Great Work MBA? It’s completely free, so secure your spot today!

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