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01 2011

Could This Be The Day for The NDP?

Syndicated from: Steve Paikin

Unless all the polls are off or people have had a massive last-minute change of heart over the weekend, today is shaping up to be an historic one for the NDP.    Never in its history has the NDP ever done better than third place in the House of Commons. In 1988, it won 43 seats under Ed Broadbent's leadership.   Tonight, the party seems poised to smash that record.   NDP Leader Jack Layton votes at the Cecil Street Community Centre in Trinity-Spadina riding.   Layton and his granddaughter emerge from the polling station. Daughter Sarah is standing behind Layton's wife Olivia Chow, the once (and she hopes future) MP for Trinity-Spadina.     Again, if the polls are right, the NDP appears set to make an historic breakthrough, especially in the province of Quebec, where a 15 to 20 point lead on the Bloc Quebecois could translate into the NDP moving from one to 50 seats.   In scrumming with reporters after voting, Layton wouldn't be persuaded to speculate on tonight's results. No guesses at seat counts. And also, no comment on whether New Democrats would be disappointed if they achieved official opposition status, but Stephen Harper won a majority government.   "Well, of course, we're aiming to be the government," Layton told me. "But we're so close to knowing the real results. Let's just wait and see. We can hold off dealing with hypothetical questions for another 12 hours or so."    

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