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13 2012

Courageous Leadership Skills: What Wouldn’t You Do?

Syndicated from: Box of Crayons

“Poor is the man whose pleasures depend on the permission of another.” ~ Madonna We start, unknowingly most of the time, with questions of fear: What can’t I do? What shouldn’t I do? What am I not allowed to do? Fear shuts down what’s possible, shutters opportunities. You fish from a smaller pond, and you catch a smaller fish. Start  from  the  other  end Things open up when you ask not what will you do, but what wouldn’t you do to make this a success. The question invites you to the edge of your own courage – just as far as you can go – and asks you to stand there, enjoy the view, and see what else is possible from this place. It’s a place of possibilities. It’s a place of surprisingly few limitations. Test it out: Asking “what wouldn’t I do?” Think of the challenge that you’re facing. In Courageous Leadership Skills: The Power of Destination, leaders were asked to imagine just what full-on, bold, as good as it gets success might look like … What would you NOT do to achieve that success? Write down at least 5 things you wouldn’t do. Some of these will be a “no” because they go against your morals or values. Some of them will be a “no” because, at the moment, they are actions that are just a little are too bold, just a little too much for you right now. Now step back just a little from where you’ve been and write down 5 actions you could do that are on the very edge of do-ability for you. These are actions that are on the very edge of what you think might be possible. Go back and look at the list of things you wouldn’t do. What would be the slightly reduced, slightly modified version of those actions that you would be able to do? And finally, looking at this list of actions that are at the edge of what’s possible for you, what will you do?

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