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31 2011

Customer Service Hall of Fame

Syndicated from: Your Planning Partners

This month’s blogs have been all about customers. How to care for them. How to deliver excellent customer service that thrills them. How to recover from a customer service snafu. And so I thought it was appropriate to end the series nominating companies for the Customer Service Hall of Fame. Here are my nominations. Porter Air– they treat their customers like First Class customers but charge economy fares. That’s certainly not the only reason; they could do that without providing excellent customer service. So here is a first hand experience from one of our clients who travels Porter on a fairly regular basis. Whenever she arrives at the check in counter she is greeted with a “Hello Jane; How are you today?” And that is before they’ve looked at any ID. My auto dealer (City Pontiac) – I always approach the moment of checking in my car for a service with foreboding. No telling what they will find and whatever it is I definitely won’t understand; and it will cost me a fortune. Not at CityPontiac though. They treat me like a human being, they explain everything in words I can understand and it has never cost me a fortune. They provide me with a free breakfast while I wait and computers if I need them. All the staff, including the President, go out of their way to make sure I have everything I need. And they wash the car before delivering it back to me! Chapters – their staff are knowledgeable, they love books and they really really want to help you find that perfect read. And to see the little kids sprawled around on the floor reading intently tells me that it works. TD Bank’s Front Line Staff – the front line staff at the TD Bank are friendly, courteous and determined that the results you get are the results you want, unless of course you are a bank robber. No hiding behind “it’s not my fault” with them. Consistent, excellent service for all their customers whether a small child or an upset senior. Apple – I can’t do a blog on excellent customer service without mentioning Apple. They are fun. Their products are fun AND useful. They staff their stores with knowledgeable people who want to help. Advocates for Apple are a highly loyal group of people and so they should be. What companies would you nominate for the Customer Service Hall of Fame? Here is a link to a great example of customer service called the Cab Driver. (6 minute video)

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