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06 2010

Dave Crisp

Former SVP of HR, Hudson's Bay Company

With a focus on balance and results, leadership is a lot like riding a bicycle. Dave Crisp of Crisp Leadership Strategies discusses human resources and it's role in tough times. Humanizing the way you manage, Dave Crisp advises on coaching as leadership and how to begin. He offers easy ways to encourage your manager to start coaching and stop ordering. Discussing issues and trends, he talks of recruitment and retention challenges, and what makes a great employee. Talking about how to mature the leadership strata in Canada, Dave Crisp offers an understanding of leadership training and leadership attributes.

Interview Date: May 2010

Dave Crisp: Blog

Sep 24 2015

The Same Challenges

from: Dave Crisp

Syndicated from: balance-AND-results

Retirees are ordinary people, too. Regardless of life stage, human challenges remain similar. That’s perhaps the biggest lesson. Most challenges are worries that bubble from inside your head. Before retirement you worry you won’t have enough money for current needs let alone future. You worry what happens if you don’t keep healthy, how to keep […]

Jun 09 2015

About New Objectives

from: Dave Crisp

Syndicated from: balance-AND-results

My first step down the new path is to write an ‘About’ section, which I’ve posted and copy here – one that explains where this is headed. Having felt ‘enlightened’ in a traditional, but a non-religious Zen sense at 21, I’ve used Zen successfully all my life to handle opportunities, stress, personal miseries and work […]

May 03 2015

Not Quite A Year Later

from: Dave Crisp

Syndicated from: balance-AND-results

Not quite a year later and ideas dawn how the site and themes can be adapted to explore more useful ideas for individuals. The decision to back away from business holds. Lots of new work is being spread in media more widely read than mine, on ideas for improving leadership, work life and results with […]



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