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10 2012

Deborah Del Duca

Girl Greatness

CEO, Girl Guides of Canada,

Discussing all things Girl Guides, Deborah Del Duca, CEO of Girl Guides of Canada, joined us on the Professionally Speaking TV set.  Tracing the 102 year history of this landmark organization, she explores the diverse and multi-generational groups that make up their various programs. Deborah Del Duca's role is explored as she talks about what she has learned since being a part of Girl Guides of Canada. Learn what girls gain from being a part of  Girl Guides of Canada. Learn what Girl Greatness is. Learn where you can get some of those delicious Girl Guide cookies!

Interview Date: September 2012


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Eleanor Berryman September 19, 2012 at 8:44 pm

As long as there is sexism, women need a safe space to grow into strong, confident women. This is why Girl Guides will remain a women-only organization. As the privileged gender, Scouts did not need to make this restriction and became, and should remain, open to both girls and boys. Both organizations are wonderful and completely necessary.

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