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07 2012

Democracy starts now…..

Syndicated from: Paul Bridle

My parents were married for fifty years until my Mother died a few years ago. Recently I was reading about couples that have been together for over 50 years. I was struck by what they said when talking about what makes the marriage work. “A commitment to the relationship. If you want the relationship to last you have to listen carefully,”. “Nothing worthwhile is easy” “It takes work. It’s work. It’s a job.” “You have to be willing, to work through the difficult times.” But all agreed that it is a job that pays dividends in love and happiness. Yesterday America voted. The nation spoke. The nation showed that it stands by democracy as the foundation of its values. But democracy is not only giving the people a right to vote. It is what happens next that shows a truly democratic nation. Voting starts the democratic process in the same way that a wedding starts a marriage. But the real work is what happens next. How do both parties….remain partisan and abide by what they believe in…..but respect the country they love enough to find common ground? Marriage is never easy. There are always times when there are disagreements and problems. There are times when there are arguments and healthy debate. But as one couple explained, “You have to pick yourself up and start over again. And you do that on a pretty regular basis.” But it is worth it. So to the wonderful people of America….love your country enough to show that it is worth fighting for democracy AFTER the vote have been counted as much as it was to get out and vote. Stop hating Obama and calling John Boehner and Nancy Pelosi names. These people love America as much as you do. They don’t wake up every day wanting to undermine this great country….but they do see the way forward differently. And that is OK. The country would be in a bad way if everyone agreed and nobody had a different view. It is the diversity of views that make you a rich nation….but it is the ability to find compromise that makes you a strong nation. Real democracy starts now….can those elected show they are really worth the being in a democracy? Can the people now support democracy by rewarding those that compromise and not those that win debates by beating their opponents? Last night I didn’t see much gloating on Facebook and Twitter as much as I saw people calling for both sides to now work together. It is time to show the world how democracy really works and get back to being an example to the world.

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