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02 2012

Denise Meehan

Fast food, Retail, Marketing

Founder of Lick's Homeburgers,

"We cook with a conscience." Denise Meehan, founder and owner of Lick's Homeburgers, shares the defining inspiration behind this Canadian institution.  Maintaining the 'homemade' taste unique to Lick's, she discusses the reach into grocery retail, controlling the supply chain, and protecting the integrity of quality.  Denise Meehan recounts how the Natureburger her investment in beef pasteurization has paid off by providing food that fills a growing demand for healthy and safe options. Maintaining the mantra that Lick's serves good food that is good for you, the Lick's experience hasn't changed much over the years.  Maintaining an eye on food quality and service, Denise Meehan talks about staying ahead of industry trends and what's next for Lick's Homeburgers.

Interview Date: January 2012


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