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26 2011

Dianne Carmichael

Information, Diagnosis, Treatment

President, Best Doctors Canada,

By 2030, Canada will spend 80% of provincial budgets on healthcare. Coming from a strong history in the investment industry, Dianne Carmichael, President of Best Doctors Canada, shares her motivation for becoming a healthcare advocate.  Applying her business acumen to the healthcare industry, she describes the political hurdles and other obstacles the system has to overcome. Looking at best practices, service gaps, practitioner compensation, and access to service, Dianne Carmichael paints a detailed picture of Canadian healthcare. Introducing Best Doctors, Dianne Carmichael defines its function in Canada and outlines the process while highlighting several success stories along the way. Learn how Best Doctors Canada compliments existing healthcare. Learn the top three things that need to happen in healthcare. Learn how business leaders can help.

Interview Date: September 2011


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