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03 2011

Do You Like Your Customers?

Syndicated from: Your Planning Partners

Do you like your customers? Yes you heard me. Do you like your customers? Of course, you say. After all they are the people paying me. They are my customers for goodness sake! Indeed they are but over the years we have met business owners who spend a great deal of energy complaining about their customers. We hear statements like: They are high maintenance They expect me to drop everything for them They have no idea what they are doing They are always complaining about us They are stupid And more often than not this is being said in front of other people! And the culture of the business is one in which complaining about the customers is a cool thing. A second observation. Business owners whose attitude is ‘our customers are a nuisance’ are constantly battling uphill. They never achieve the success they want. In many cases they never get off the ground. How could they; after all they don’t like the very essence of their business, their customers. And their customers can feel the negative vibes. So if you know a business owner who falls into this category do him a huge favour. Sit him down, pour him a drink and tell it to him straight; close down your business and save yourself lots of stress and money. Or try the better way. Sit her down, pour her a drink and explain to her that if she does not change her attitude about her customers she will not succeed. Tell her to take the first step to a successful business by instilling this non negotiable rule into her company ~ there will be no complaining, no whining and no negative comments about any of our customers. That’s all. Just start there and in time she will see results.

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