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08 2011

Don’t Get Good At What You Don’t Want To Be Doing

Syndicated from: Your Planning Partners

As business owners we are very busy people. We try our best to get everything done and yet much of what we do we are not good at. We continue to do the things we are not good at despite the fact there are people out there who would love to be doing them! It is time to end this misery before we get really good at doing those things we don’t want to be doing!. The activities you do as a business owner fall into one of three categories. Category 1 is for those activities you absolutely love doing. They are the ones you are extremely good at and are therefore fun and stimulating to do. They get your creative juices flowing and give you energy. You could work on these 24 hours a day and still not get bored. They are what you were born to do. Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach calls them your Unique Ability. The activities that fall into Category 2 are not as stimulating as those in Category 1. But you don’t mind doing them and you do them pretty well. While your ideal world would be a world filled with only Category 1 activities you recognize that this expectation is totally unreasonable. You find the time to do Category 2 activities so they never pile up and cause you stress. And then there are Category 3 activities. You hate them and you are hopeless at doing them and so all of your procrastination talents fire up. They are left to be done “when I have nothing else to do”. They pile up on your desk constantly reminding you that you can avoid them today but sooner or later you will have to do them. They drag you down; they suck every ounce of creativity out of you; they cause huge stress; they make your life a misery. It is the Category 3 activities that you don’t want to “Get Good At”. These are the activities that you must delegate. You must get other people to do them; other people who love doing them. Because there are people out there who love doing the things you hate doing. People whose Unique Ability is doing just these things. They love it; they are stimulated by doing them; and so they are really really good at doing them. In our July blogs we will deal with building your team. Finding those people who love doing the work you hate. So that we can avoid the awful syndrome of you getting good at what you don’t want to be doing!  

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