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29 2014


Syndicated from: Canadian Youth Business Foundation

Entrepreneurs are good at spotting and then connecting them! Life, as we all know, is about relationships.  In business (as in love), a relationship can make or break you.  Being a serial connector, here are a few simple thoughts about the power of listening I can offer on relationship-building and networking. Successful entrepreneurs are a skillful listeners, both on and offline.  When you meet/tweet someone, be present, be in the moment!  I can’t emphasize this enough.  Only then can you listen actively and find the “dots”.  Those “dots” or “touch points” will pop up if you listen carefully with empathy and sincerity. Ask yourself, how can this person help someone in your network and vice versa? Who in your network can help them?  Can YOU help them?  If you can’t make a connection right away, store it in your “cloud” to retrieve when an opportunity presents itself in future. Establishing strategic partnerships and alliances helps build stronger communities.  So go out there and LISTEN, listen well. Then give the gift of giving! After all, stronger communities make our world go around! Jean Chow, MsBizWiz, Toronto, ON, CYBF Mentor

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