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22 2011

Dr. Paul Garfinkel

Psychosis, Diagnosis, Breakthroughs

Former CEO & President of the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health,

Working towards a better quality of life. Dr. Paul Garfinkel, former CEO & President of the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), talks about the progress within the mental health community and what his role has been. Tracing his progressive positions throughout his career, Dr. Paul Garfinkel reviews the development of CAMH and the adding of “addiction” to mental health. As he defines the term ‘psychotic’, Dr. Paul Garfinkel discusses the challenges in a diagnosis and the roles are various mental health professionals.  Sharing his observations and discoveries on various mental health conditions and their connection to the body, Dr. Paul Garfinkel discusses his long-studied focus - anorexia nervosa.  Learn what breakthroughs have happened in the past few decades and where we’re still lacking. Learn the top three things we’ve learned about mental health by working with other cultures. Learn how mental healthcare equals a better quality of life.

Interview Date: August 2011

Dr. Paul Garfinkel: Blog

Sep 17 2012

About the cover artist…

from: editor

Syndicated from: Editor's corner

Missing in Action (2009), Eileen Koyama, charcoal on newsprint, 11" x 12.5" For Eileen Koyama, art is the conduit that brings her inner world into the outer world. Her artwork, in its simplest form, consists merely of emotions on canvas;…

Jan 03 2012

Mind the gap: bridging services for transition-aged youth

from: editor

Syndicated from: Editor's corner

In a Medical Journal of Australia supplement about early intervention in youth mental health, renowned youth researcher and clinician Dr. Patrick McGorry writes about the specific needs of transition-aged youth. Here are key challenges and opportunities that Australia faces, which may hold lessons…

Sep 15 2011

Touring the asylum

from: editor

Syndicated from: Editor's corner

In the course of researching the autumn issue theme on architecture and design in health, I came across some interesting historical sites about former asylums in Canada and the United States. Take a tour and imagine the lives that were…



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Karin November 3, 2011 at 1:51 pm

Fascinating history on mental health in Toronto. Thanks for sharing!

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