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31 2012

End of Bob Willard’s Blog

Syndicated from: Bob Willard's Blog

After much reflection, this will be my last blog post. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for following my posts and for their insightful comments. I am now refocusing my efforts on enhancing my resources for sustainability champions. As context, as a certified B Corp, my vision is a sustainable world in which individuals, communities, and businesses thrive within nature’s limits. My two-fold mission is to inspire business leaders to integrate sustainability strategies into company strategies, and to provide useful resources for an army of sustainability champions so that they have the competence and confidence to accelerate the transformation toward a sustainable global society. I want to spend more effort on that last part. As some of you know, my new book, The New Sustainability Advantage will be released in March. (If you are interested, my publisher is offering a 20% discount on pre-orders . It is a 10th anniversary edition of its first version, with a recalibrated and more compelling business case for sustainability strategies.  I am working on a new open source set of Excel worksheets to accompany the book. click image to enlarge I am also working on a jazzy, slider-enabled dashboard version on my web site that will enable people to do a quick simulation of the business case for their company.My Master Slide Set will be renamed “Sustainability Advantage Slides” and will contain a full set of slides to support the new business case. click image to enlarg In addition to the new book, dashboard, worksheets, and slides that will be released together in March, I’m also creating a new Sustainability Advantage DVD that will encapsulate my talk these days on new business case for sustainability. It will be ready in the summer and will include footage of several talks that I am doing between now and then. I’m still on track to do another 80-100 talks this year. Last year, I did 93 plus wrote the new book, so paying attention to the bi-weekly blog was a bit of a challenge. For people who are unable to attend one of my talks, the DVD will provide an opportunity for them to experience it virtually. What happens to the blogs? The archives will still be available on my website. You will find them in the sidebar on the right. The part of the home page that was used for new blogs will become a “What’s New” alert area for visitors to my website. The beginning of a new year is wonderful opportunity to step back and reflect on how I can best use my time. My upgrading of all my resources for sustainability champions deserves priority. I very excited about how they are all coming together, and how much more useful they will be over previous versions. Watch this space for more alerts about their availability… For email subscribers, please click here to visit my site and provide feedback. Bob  

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