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13 2012

For the Health of It: The Bottom Line on Healthy Workplaces

Syndicated from: The Practical Leader

We’d expect that healthy employees in healthy workplaces create healthy bottom lines. What may be unexpected is just how big the impact is. We’d expect that work-related stress is also considered a big problem. Did you expect it to be far more critical than smoking or high blood pressure? Consider these research findings:  Employees with four lifestyle risk factors are absent over 50% more often than those without risk factors, and cost two to three times more in health costs. Employers pay an extra $488/year for every sedentary employee. 97% of respondents agreed that employee health is directly related to corporate success. Canadian employers consider work-related stress to be the most important health risk facing the employees in their organizations (56% of respondents), followed closely by smoking (35%), mental health issues (35%), and high blood pressure (35%). Stressed employees elevate absence costs by 19%, disability costs by 30%, and turnover costs by 40%. Organizations with highly effective workplace wellness programs have performed over 55% higher than their industry peers. A meta-analysis on workplace wellness programs from Harvard researchers found that medical costs fall by about $3.27 for every dollar spent on wellness programs and that absenteeism costs fall by about $2.73 for every dollar spent. These conclusions come from a recent article on “The Business Case for Wellness Programs” written by YourWorkPlace editor Karen Richardson. The YourWorkPlace April 18 conference in Toronto that Vera Asanin and I are kicking off, co-hosting, and closing together is taking shape very well. Click here to check out the program. Presentations, panels, and discussions include: The Changing Workplace Today Leading @ the Speed of Change Supporting Mental Health is a Sound Business Decision Taking Care of Self Managing Employer Brand Foster Engagement Social Media is Here to Stay Thriving Workplaces Breaking Down Silos Building Exceptional Workplaces on a Budget, and The High-Performance Balance Click here to also watch Simon Sinek’s 18 minute TEDx video on “How Great Leaders Inspire.” Simon will be delivering a keynote on “Start with Why” based on his bestselling book by that title. Attendees will receive a copy of my latest book, Growing @ the Speed of Change with registration. And as part of our partnership with YourWorkPlace, The CLEMMER Group is offering a $100 discount on registration (discount code CLM100). Click here to register and be sure to use discount code: CLM100 to save $100! We’ll help you to give ‘em health!

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