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15 2012

Fragmented Focus Treadmill™

Syndicated from: Your Planning Partners

Are you finding it difficult to stay focused on the “important” things because there are too many “urgent” things needing your immediate attention? Do you start each day determined to achieve your goals but end the day with important work undone? To add misery to this confusion are you working harder and harder and getting absolutely nowhere? These are all indications that you are stuck on The Fragmented Focus Treadmill™.  The treadmill is harmful to your health and to the health of your business. It causes great stress without much reward and it stops business growth. You must get off The Fragmented Focus Treadmill. Here’s how! Plan the Future The first step is to develop a strategic plan to map out the future of your business. This is not the back of an envelope that has a few scribbles on it about the revenue you want to generate.  It is a carefully thought out plan that contains measurable three year objectives, each of which are broken down into one year goals and strategies. The criteria for an effective strategic plan are:- It must be SMART. That is, Specific, Measurable, Appealing, Relevant and Timed. It must be documented. It must be communicated to your team. That is, anyone who supports you or is helping you. It must be used on a daily basis. It must be flexible because we expect the unexpected to happen! Stay Focused A strategic plan alone will not get you off The Fragmented Focus Treadmill™. You must ensure your activities are reflective of your strategic plans and is focused on the critical issues. Each quarter identify those things from the plan that you must focus on if your plans are to be successful. We call this the 90 Day Focus™.  Then from this each month develop your 30 Day Focus™. With this tool you will stay focused on the “important” things and when you do get interrupted with an “urgent” matter you can deal with it quickly and get back to your focus. You stay off The Fragmented Focus Treadmill. Delegate Doing everything ourselves is one reason we lose focus. We must delegate work that we shouldn’t be doing and can probably be done much better by other people. Delegation does not require employees. We can always outsource. Here are our Nine Steps to Successful Delegation: Identify one process you are doing that you really should delegate. Document the process, including deadlines. Determine the skills required. Identify the person who matches those skills. Teach them how to do the process. Give them the necessary authority and resources to do the work. Monitor the results. When everything is working … let go! Go back to #1. With a Strategic Plan to provide the road map to your future, your 90 Day Focus™ to keep you on track and the delegation of those activities you shouldn’t be working on …. you will be having fun! and you will be focused, and you will be off the Fragmented Focus Treadmill. Complete your Small Business Scorecard to find out how you are positioned for your business growth.                               

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