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08 2011

Frederick Dryden

Liberating Marginalized Youth

Executive Director, Liberty for Youth,

74.3 percent of adult prisoners were youth offenders. Battling this statistic is Frederick Dryden, Executive Director of Liberty for Youth and Top 40 Under 40 winner. Targeting marginalized, at-risk youth, he defines several of the Liberty for Youth programs and how these programs provide life-saving skills and necessary support. Discussing social enterprise, fundraising endeavors, and the future of Liberty for Youth, Frederick Dryden shares his dream of financial stability and staying around for the ‘long haul’.  He traces the path from inception to fruition of Liberty for Youth and how it’s changed him and the people around him.  Joining him in the interview is Liberty for Youth ‘graduate’ Rudy Tijerino to share his story first hand.

Interview Date: August 2011


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