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15 2010

Gail Nyberg

Hunger, Poverty, Social Assistance

Executive Director, The Daily Bread Food Bank,

'39% of adults go hungry at least once a week,' states The Daily Bread Food Bank's Annual Poverty Report. Join Gail Nyberg, Executive Director of the Daily Bread Food Bank, in discussing the issues of hunger and poverty in Toronto. Helping to define the food bank visitor, she talks about the diversity of clients, needs and services that are being met through the Daily Bread, and why it's not just a food bank. Gail Nyberg outlines changes in the demographics of poverty in Toronto. "The numbers were staggering," says Randall Craig of Professionally Speaking TV.  Being an outspoken advocate for treating both short and long-term problems within poverty, Gail Nyberg moves on to discuss crossover issues with Social Assistance, and how she sees the problem being addressed.

Interview Date: November 2010

Gail Nyberg: Blog

Jan 22 2019

Winterbash 2018 – Volunteer Recognition

from: Eva Molina

Syndicated from: Daily Bread Food Bank

This past December, the entire Daily Bread team got together to celebrate the incredible volunteers that support our mission daily. In 2018, 11,529 amazing individuals volunteered their time, energy and passion at Daily Bread, giving an astounding 77,256 hours of service. Daily Bread thrives because of the hard work of volunteers who, day in and […]

Jan 21 2019

Cancer Care Ontario mobilizes to fight hunger in Toronto

from: Eva Molina

Syndicated from: Daily Bread Food Bank

Earlier this month, we were honored to welcome our loyal supporters at Cancer Care Ontario to the Daily Bread warehouse to unveil and celebrate their Champion Fundraisers spot on our Donor Wall. Since 2015, Cancer Care Ontario has raised $63,317 in support of Daily Bread and donated 4,384 lbs of food in an effort to […]

Feb 01 2018

Inclusionary Zoning

from: Lauren

Syndicated from: Daily Bread Food Bank

Daily Bread Food Bank submitted our feedback (below) about proposed inclusionary zoning legislation. Today is the deadline for public feedback….



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