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13 2010

Gar Mahood

Tobacco, Public Policy, Legislation

Executive Director of Non-Smokers' Rights Association,

“The tobacco fight is trench warfare”, says Gar Mahood, Executive Director of the Non-Smokers Rights Association and recipient of the Order of Canada.  Countering the tobacco industry’s ‘denormalization’ strategy, Gar Mahood sheds light upon the tobacco epidemic in Canada. Playing a lead role in public policy strategy, he discusses the impact on Canada, and the position of provincial and federal governments. With one in five Canadian deaths related to smoking, Gar Mahood talks about the need for tobacco control.  Contraband, lawsuits, legislation, and recovery costs are all addressed. With special attention on the current dilemma of warning labels, Gar Mahood discusses the counter to the tobacco arguments and what he’s working toward.

Interview Date: December 2010


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