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24 2011

Gerald Bramm

Surveys, Reasearch, Interviews

Owner, Bramm Research,

Do you need more information? Gerald Bramm, of Bramm Research,  reveals trade secrets in the field of Market Research. As he traces the history and pivotal highlights of market and consumer research, Gerald Bramm defines its impact on society over the years. Discussing development, collection, and analysis, Gerald Bramm explains the variations between focus groups, interviews and surveys and how technology is impacting the industry.  Learn easy ways to improve a survey response. Learn when to use focus groups. Learn what the future holds for market research.

Interview Date: October 2011

Gerald Bramm: Blog

Nov 19 2012

Are Your Survey Results Representative or are You Only Hearing From the Usual Suspects?

from: gbramm

Syndicated from: Bramm Research Blog

When we conduct a survey we have the implicit hope that our sample is representative of the population that we are interested in e.g. our members, stakeholders etc.  That’s why we try to get the best response rate that we … Continue reading

Sep 24 2012

Member Surveys…Don’t Forget the Most Important Ingredient

from: gbramm

Syndicated from: Bramm Research Blog

I recently conducted a membership survey on behalf of an association that also happened to be a new client.  When it came time to send off the final report I was reminded of the fact that the most important aspect … Continue reading

Feb 26 2012

Three Practical Rules to Improve Your Next Online Survey

from: gbramm

Syndicated from: Bramm Research Blog

I’ll admit it…I haven’t always been a fan of online surveys. My introduction was not a happy one. I had just contacted a client to ask about our ongoing annual research study. I was told that my services were no … Continue reading



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