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03 2011

Global Vision – Global Leaders Centre

Syndicated from: CYBF

The Global Leaders Centre Program has been Global Vision’s (GV) nation-wide channel operating in every province and three territories as, “the Producer of Global Leaders since 1991 “. How do we do this? It all starts with a search for talent just follow these steps: Who? The GLC is open to all enterprising youth from 16 years of age to 25. Here, “age does not matter” nor is any specific background and achievement necessary. Be ready to assess who you are and have the desire to see who you can be. High school students work together with those from university and the world of work as young professionals with a common purpose – to lead and give back to their communities. What? The GLC program has 2 thrusts. One, the Foundation for Leadership curriculum – with a 21 year track record of performance built by 1200 graduates now spanning the world as global leaders in so many different careers and locations.The second thrust, building your knowledge of Canada beyond that of your own back door. Each region’s GLC focuses on learning about your communities’ economic assets in both culture and industry. They contribute to the Region’s Brand- which will be taken to the world! The GLC is usually one full day and features the above delivered in a very interactive style of learning by doing lead by the region’s global leaders from many fields of work and experiences. Why? Canada needs leaders – global leaders, people who have the global knowledge and skills necessary to promote Canada’s industry and culture both at home and abroad. These leaders are required in every field of endeavor – the arts, medicine, business, education, engineering and technology etc, etc. The GLC provides the opportunity to get the ticket on the Junior Team Canada (JTC) Ambassador bus. The world awaits!

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