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20 2011

Government grants to grow your business

Syndicated from: CYBF

Karen Milde, Reframe Marketing, Vancouver, BC, CYBF Mentor, According to Industry Canada, a small business is a firm that has fewer than 100 employees. Did you know that 98% of businesses in Canada fall under this category? Did you also know that each one of those companies contributes, on average, $700,000 to the Canadian GDP? At some point, you may decide that it’s time for you to expand your business. Small businesses face some sizeable risks when they undertake growth strategies and this could impact long-term sustainability. Embarking on ambitious projects usually requires a substantial investment that may take years to translate into profits. However, this does not mean that your growth ideas should be abandoned due to a lack of resources. Entrepreneurs are the backbone of our country’s economy and many government grants and loans are available to help you launch a new venture or expand your current business. If you have a great growth idea, find out what government funding is available to you at the Small Business Finance Centre,

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