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15 2011

Grail Noble

Event Marketing

Founder & President of Yellow House Events,

Bringing your brand to life. Grail Noble, Founder and President of Yellow House Events, talks about events - from planning to execution to marketing – and how to use events to connect your brand to your customer. Specializing in corporate events, Grail Noble discusses the various points that make an event successful and uses actual client examples from her diverse portfolio to prove it.  Taking an in-depth look at a recent ‘flash-mob’ event, Grail Noble takes us through the steps of organization while watching the final moment on video.  Revealing the challenges and rewards in marketing events, Grail Noble outlines how she sees the future of the events industry. Learn about the creative process to running an event.  Learn how technology is changing events and how Grail uses this to her advantage.

Interview Date: August 2011


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