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29 2010

Greig Clark

Founder of College Pro Painters

College Pro Painters founder, Greig Clark talks franchises, venture capitalism, and advisory boards and how the success in each area is all about getting the right people. As he traces his career back to starting the popular franchise College Pro Painters, he talks about the learning curve of building the business and how he knew it was time to leave. 15 years after entering the arena of venture capitalism, Grieg Clark discusses what he learned: evaluating the players, analyzing the financial proposal, and indicators of success or failure. Offering tips on how investees and entrepreneurs work with a venture capitalist, he explains the importance of continuous process improvement. In Greig Clark's current role, he reveals how he helps set-up and run an advisory board. Learn what they are, why you should use them, and how to put one together.

Interview Date: November 2010


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