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09 2011

Happy Birthday World Wide Web

Syndicated from: Randall Craig

It’s not celebrated widely, but in August 2011 (August 6th actually) the world wide web turned twenty. From humble beginnings, this “child” has revolutionized the world in no less a transformational way than the industrial revolution a century earlier. Think about what didn’t exist in 1991: eCommerce, eBay, ezines, online newspapers, Wikipedia, iphones, ipads, itunes, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, web banking, Instant Messenger, Hotmail and  Hard as it it is to believe, Google also didn’t exist back then…even as an idea. And during this same time, think of what has fundamentally changed or disappeared: Telex, fax machines, catalogs, newspapers, record stores, paper encyclopedias, long distance phone rates, record players, want ads and phone books. This week’s action plan: It’s impossible to know what the next disruptive force in the market will be, but it is highly likely we won’t have to wait a century to see it. The most important skills in our fast-paced world? Intellectual flexibility, coupled with curiosity and a willingness to embrace change – not merely accept it. This week, let go of the old, and leave space for the new. Note: The Make It Happen Tipsheet is also available by email. Go to to register. Randall Craig

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