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29 2012

Having Trouble with your Millennials?

Syndicated from: Box of Crayons

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus and Millennials are from some entirely different planet again. Or so the story goes. I’ve always been a little suspicious of the Millennial/Boomer divide, but never had any data to back it up. So imagine my delight when I found an article that said what I wanted to believe – that the real goal is creating a culture where all people are able to do Great Work, be treated with respect and able to derive both impact and meaning in the stuff they do. In this article in Strategy + Business from Jennifer Deal she lays out Five Millennial Myths, including: Millennials are unwilling to comply with authority (her research says the opposite) Millennials aren’t motivated by their work (although many people at lower levels in organizations aren’t particularly thrilled by the ‘grunt work’) Millennials are just in it for the money (see: Daniel Pink, Drive) The article is worth a look in its total, not least because it will shake up some of the cozy assumptions we might have about that hip young thing with whom we’re working.    

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