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03 2013

Here’s your palate cleanser

Syndicated from: Box of Crayons

Have you been to one of those posh restaurants where, before the main dish, you’re served an amuse bouche, a little something-something to freshen up the palate and get you ready for whatever’s next? It’s often light and zingy, like lemon sorbet or watermelon crush. This week is one that is a delightfully “between courses”. The rush to the end of 2012 is behind us, and 2013 is still more of a promise than an actuality, as if we’ve yet to flick on the light switch to see what’s really there. So here are some lemon sorbet options for you (and me), unexpected ways to shock your palate, enliven your tastebuds and to set the year up just so: Skip the timid middle. Those not-quite choices, so you’re neither committed to one thing nor the other. Here’s a quick video with five critical choices to consider. Abandon the bottom 20% of your obligations. The to-do’s that have lingered like stale refrigerator air, the project where your contribution is already one notch below token, those desiccated rituals. Go on. Be brave. Toss them out. Create parallel universes. First, imagine the year ahead lurching from disaster to disaster, where your anti-Midas touch withers all. Now imagine another version, what the Aussies would call “pretty bloody average”, a salt plain of mediocrity without peaks or troughs. Finally, imagine a third, an annus mirabilis, sweet success easier and more triumphant than you thought possible. (And what’s the interesting thing here for you to notice?) Stretch. Not your mind, but your body. Double down, let’s get physical and level up. Get to failure and exhaustion. Decide that to play the tune you need to tune the instrument. Find a new strategy to deal with your email addiction. Poke around and see what’s there. This is good. So is this. Quest it. Are you Don Quixote or Sancho Panchez? What will your windmill be this year? Small but glorious? Bold yet improbable? In any case, how do you hold it lightly? Don’t get sucked into the minutiae just yet. It will be waiting for you, have no doubt. Freshen up a little and appreciate what’s coming.

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