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08 2013

Hessie Jones

Seasoned Digital Strategist

Discussing all things digital, Hessie Jones, Digital Strategist, joins Randall Craig, Host, in the Professionally Speaking TV studio. No stone is unturned in this one-on-one discussion of community, mobile, influencers, and strategy. Hessie shares tips from the field and valuable insight in her years in the digital field.

Interview Date: January 2013

Hessie Jones: Blog

Feb 19 2019

Canada’s Food Guide:

from: Eva Molina

Syndicated from: Daily Bread Food Bank

A think piece by Reena Reddy, Manager, Agency Relations, Daily Bread Food Bank. The whistling of a pressure cooker is the sound of home to me. Growing up in Dubai, dishes brimming with vegetables and meat, served with daal over steaming rice were a regular occurrence. I’m thrilled to see a Food Guide that finally […]

Feb 19 2019

Mickalene’s muses

from: Samantha Chater

Syndicated from: AGO Art Matters

Anyone who has been inside Mickalene Thomas: Femmes Noires or had a look at the #MickaleneThomas AGO hashtag on Instagram may have recognized some familiar faces. From actress Whoopi Goldberg to singer Eartha Kitt, Thomas fuses high art with popular culture to make something wholly her own. We took a deep dive into key works […]

Feb 19 2019

Links we’re loving

from: Michael Watkins

Syndicated from: AGO Art Matters

It may be freezing cold outside, but these links are hot off the presses! We’ve gathered some of the quirkiest, most interesting arts and culture news making the rounds online. Get the inside scoop and check out what our team at the AGO is loving this week.     There was big news from the National […]



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