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25 2012

How to amplify good (the best spent $100 of the year)

Syndicated from: Box of Crayons

I really love this $100 Change project from Natalie Sisson, The Suitcase Entrepreneur. Here’s how it works. Nathalie (along with every other attendee) gets given $100 by Chris Guillebeau (one of his genius touches at the end of the World Domination conference & by the way it’s well worth getting on the notification list for 2013) and told to go do good with it. She contacts 100 change makers (you can see the fabulous list below) and interviews them and turns that wisdom into a 100 days mentorship program. She then offers the program for $100 – a complete bargain. And here’s where the magic starts Nathalie’s not making a cent from this. Rather, she’ll take all the profit this program creates and offer it back as scholarships to ten of the course participants. So here it is again in three sentences 1. $100 gets you 100 days of insights, coaching and wisdom from 100 thought leaders. 2. Your $100 goes to a scholarship fund. 3. You’re eligible to win one of ten scholarships to go change the world. It’s that good. You can sign up right here. *And who are the 100 change makers? Here are a few of them: Chris Guillebeau, Danielle LaPorte, Janet Hanson, Chris Brogan, Michael Stelzner, Cameron Herold, Steve Kamb, Laura Roeder, Jonathan Fields, Clay Collins, Pamela Slim, Amy Porterfield, Corbett Barr, Lewis Howes, Pat Flynn, Julien Smith, Nathalie Lussier, Christine Kloser, Adam Baker, Johnny B Truant, Pam Brossman, Derek Halpern, Alexis Neely. And me too.

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