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31 2012

How to Get a Great ROI From Sales Training

Syndicated from: Fearless Selling Kelley Robertson» Blog

In yesterday’s post I highlighted some of the reasons why sales training doesn’t work or help companies get the result they want—or need. Here are some ideas that will help you get a great return on your sales training investment. Product training is NOT sales training Many companies mistakenly believe that product training IS sales training. Don’t get me wrong…product training is important; after all, your sales reps can’t sell a product without knowing it. However, product training is exactly that. Giving your team the knowledge of your products. But product training is different than sales training. True sales training helps your team understand how to manage the sales process. It helps them learn to how to better position their product. It gives them insight on what they need to do different to achieve their sales targets and quotas. And it helps them stand out from the competition. Times have changed Today’s business world has changed. Dramatically. And what you did a few years ago is seldom as effective as it used to be. Prospects and decision makers are more difficult to reach. They are busier and less inclined to accept calls and schedule meetings with sales people simply because they already have so much on their plate. If you manage a sales team, you need to give them the tools ad knowledge to succeed in today’s new business world. Many companies offer sales training during their annual sales meeting but this isn’t enough. As I stated in yesterday’s post, this approach is seldom effective. If you want training to stick and actually work you need to take a different approach. One of my client’s has experienced significant growth in the last four to five years and they contacted me to create a sales training manual to help ensure that all of their reps were following the same sales process. When I met with them, I said that this was a great start. As the discussion continued, we agreed that a workshop would be beneficial and I strongly suggested that they follow this with coaching. The investment was more than they originally budgeted for but the results have been much better. For a few extra dollars they were able to keep the concepts from the sales manual and sales training workshop alive and breathing in their business. The overall level of buy-in from their team has improved substantially. Their managers know how to deal with lower performing reps. And, most important, their sales have increased. This company took the right approach. They provided their team with the knowledge and resources they needed to succeed. And they embarked on a complete training solution. If you want to get a great return on your sales training investment you also need to invest in a complete sales training package. A single day training workshop is a great start. But, it’s the follow-up after the training program that makes a difference.

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