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19 2011

How to Give it Away and Still Make Money

Syndicated from: Fearless Selling Blog ~ Increase Your Sales

During the last decade or so I have learned that the more you give away, the more you attract. Sound confusing? Allow me to clarify… One of the concepts I consistently “preach” about is adding value to a prospect’s business BEFORE you get the business. This means providing them with information that will help them improve their business. Here are a couple of examples… If you sell pumps, valves and controls, you can send your prospects (and existing customers) information on how to reduce their repair and maintenance costs, common mistakes people make when ordering replacement parts and factors that affect the performance levels of these items. Let’s say you sell promotional products. You can send people details on how to improve employee productivity through incentive programs. You can discuss the impact that logoed products have on brand recognition. Or you could talk about the mistakes companies make when developing an incentive program. Unfortunately, many companies resist doing this because they feel that “giving the information away” will prevent that prospect from buying their product. This scarcity mentality is simply not accurate. None of this information will prevent people from buying your product. Nor will this information suddenly cause them to buy from a competitor. If anything, it will encourage them to buy from you because you are providing valuable information that will help them with their business. Unfortunately, this is a concept that many companies just don’t get. You can give away free information without affecting your business. You don’t need to attach strings or conditions. When you give people useful information, you become a resource. When you become a resource, you increase your value. When you increase your value, you differentiate yourself from your competition. And when you separate yourself from your competition, you will increase your sales. Don’t be afraid to give away information. When you give away the right information, to the right person, at the right time; you open doors of opportunity that may never have been offered to you in the past. Looking for a speaker for an upcoming meeting? Here’s a video clip of a recent keynote presentation I delivered at a conference. 905-633-7750 or Tweet This

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