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31 2011

How to Tell if You Are a Sales Zombie

Syndicated from: Fearless Selling Blog ~ Increase Your Sales

Since it is Halloween I thought it was appropriate to write a related post. Here are a few clues that might indicate you are selling like a zombie. You ask weak, feeble questions. “What needs do you have?” “Would you like to know the difference between these products?” “What do you know about us?” These are just a few examples. You believe that telling is selling. You launch into your sales pitch as quickly as possible because if you’re not talking about your product you are not actually selling. You make quick assumptions about your customers and prospects. “They said no last time so I won’t call them today” or “They can’t afford our product.” Assumptions are deal killers and you need to avoid them. You use the same sales pitch with every customer. You have used this pitch for years and you have been closing about 20 percent of your sales opportunities so why bother changing? You offer quick discounts. Let’s face it; most buying decisions are made based on the price of a product or service. People don’t care about value so offering a quick discount is an easy move and a quick way to get the sale. You don’t listen to your prospect. If in doubt, refer to point two above; it’s more important to talk than to ask questions and listen. You pitch your most popular/current product. We’ve all been there. The latest product with all the bells and whistles has finally been released so let’s suggest that product to all of our prospects and customers even though it may not be appropriate. At least they’ll know about it, right? You know it all. There isn’t much you haven’t heard so all you really need to do is learn the basics of our new products and you’re good to go. You believe that sales is a numbers game. The more doors you knock on and the more calls you make, the more sales you make. While this may be true, your time is valuable and you can invest more effectively. You believe that research is for scientists. Who has time to research every prospect? You don’t need to understand their business challenges or how what changes are occurring in their company in order to close a deal. It’s just as effective to show up or make that call and pitch your latest solution (see point 8). If you want to succeed in today’s sales environment and increase your sales, you need to make sure that you are not selling like a zombie.   Tweet This

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