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24 2011

How Well Do You Adjust?

Syndicated from: Fearless Selling Blog ~ Increase Your Sales

Sales lessons can be found practically everywhere you look. Last week I joined a 10-pin bowling league and aside from my first ball rolling directly into the gutter, I was satisfied with my results. Well, at least for the first game! I managed to get a few strikes and several spares and ended up scoring a respectable 123. Certainly not a high score, but one that I was happy with especially since I hadn’t bowled in more than 15 years. However, during the latter part of the second game I noticed that the ball was not going where I wanted it to. Instead of curving in to the right (I’m left-handed) it was going straight down the lane. This would have been okay if I was lined up in the middle of the lane, but I wasn’t. It wasn’t until we were halfway through the third game that I realized what was happening. My arm was getting tired and I could no longer put the necessary spin on the ball. My head knew what to do but my body wouldn’t cooperate regardless of how much I tried. I modified my approach and my results improved immediately. Unfortunately, it was too late in the game to recover and I ended with a dismal score (I’m actually too embarrassed to mention it!). Here’s the sales lesson… Sales people often need to adjust their approach in a sales conversation. The sale may not be progressing the way they thought. The prospect may have different needs than anticipated. Or, the sale could take a different turn than they expected. This means you need to adjust your approach. And you need to adjust quickly. Many sales people keep plodding along…doing the same thing, hoping to generate a different result. But, what they really need to do is change their game plan and strategy. Your ability to adjust to changes in the playing field can make a difference in your results and help you increase your sales. Do you recognize WHEN you need to adjust your approach? What signs do you watch for that help you recognize this? Do you take a time out to think about your new strategy or do you automatically adapt (effectively) to the changes? If your new approach is not effective, do you change strategies again? Or, do you just accept the status quo? Successful sales people know when to change strategies, use different techniques, and adjust their approach. Do you? I do more than write about sales. I conduct workshops and deliver keynote presentations at conferences and sales meetings. Contact me to find out how I can help enhance your upcoming event. Tweet This

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