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25 2012

Humble and Fred

Radio and Podcasting at its best.

Hosts of Humble & Fred Radio,

"Our audience is valuable because it's ours." With their usual self-deprecating humour, Howard Glassman and Fred Peterson, otherwise known as Humble and Fred, joined the PSTV set to discuss their wildly successful podcast – and why their fans are so unique. From early days at CFNY to their current digs in their 5-Hour Energy Studio, they take us through their 20+ year career in radio, how it's changed, and what's the same.  Humble and Fred bring honesty to the forefront as they discuss career stumbles and successes – all with their usual banter and quips. From fan engagement to show predictions, we cover it all in this interview with the notorious Humble and Fred.

Interview Date: June 2012


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