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18 2012

Huntsman Steps Down and Shows Leadership Acumen

Syndicated from: Paul Bridle

As Huntsman stands down, we see the character of the man coming to the fore. This was a sad but wise step Why? Because, those that are wanting the Republicans to win the next election know that they have to put the needs of the Party ahead of their personal wants. They see that the best thing for the Party is for there to be an early candidate so the focus is on fighting Obama. Being a leader is about knowing how best to apply yourself and the best role you can play…..and not simply having the desire to lead. The best leaders have often been reluctant to be the leader and only done so when it is obvious that they are the right person. None of these candidates are coming over with anything other than a desperate desire to be the President. However, I said in a previous blog, Huntsman was the candidate most likely to have the leadership ability and in a perverse way he has proved it by knowing that it was better for him to stand aside and play a better role. The trouble with the American people is, they are looking for an exceptional person to be President. Not everyone can be exceptional. If everyone could be exceptional, it wouldn’t be exceptional! So, get over it. Truth is, non of the Candidates are exceptional and so you work with what you got. So, will reality dawn on the other candidates sooner or later that the best way they can serve their country or their Party, is to stand aside. We wait and see.

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