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29 2011

I Don’t Want Your Business

Syndicated from: Fearless Selling Blog ~ Increase Your Sales

Do you have the courage to turn away business? If you want to succeed—in the long term—you need to walk away from potential sales opportunities. I know this may run against your natural instinct so give me a moment and hear me out. Not every prospect or sales lead is a good one. That means you make the best use of your time. The interesting thing is that when you withdraw from an opportunity, many companies will step up the chase to use your product or buy your service. A few years ago a company contacted me about conducting a sales training workshop for their sales team. During the call, I learned that two different departments would be involved in the program. However, I didn’t have experience with one of those departments and I mentioned that early in the conversation. In fact, I said, “If it’s important that you use one company for this training, I’m probably not the right person because I don’t have experience with…” At that moment the conversation took a decidedly different turn. Instead of disqualifying me, my prospect looked for ways to hire me. And in the end, they did. In another conversation with a different prospect, I stated that I was the wrong person to hire and I explained my rationale. However, after that comment my prospect said, “But I think you would be perfect fit for our group” and he went on to try and convince me why I should accept his offer to speak at his conference. You see…people sometimes want what they can’t have. Unfortunately, most sellers put themselves in a position of mercy instead of power. They mistakenly believe that buyers possess all of the power in the sale. However, if you use the right approach and maintain the right mindset, the tables can turn in your favor. Here’s the key… You need to have a full pipeline. And you need to have courage. Unfortunately, most sales people don’t have enough new sales opportunities in their pipeline to keep the wolves at bay. And they lack the mental courage to say, “I don’t need your business.” What about you? Have you got the guts to turn down business? If so, it could open up better opportunities for you. I help sales teams become more effective. If you think I could help you or your company please feel to contact me. 905-633-7750 Tweet This

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