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22 2012

I hope Gingrich sent John King flowers

Syndicated from: Paul Bridle

Gingrich was awful in Iowa as I said in a previous blog. He didn’t look the part, didn’t sound the part and when he hit back, he sounded like a bad tempered old man. Respect were respect is due, he certainly came over a lot better in the last week of South Carolina. He got his message clearer and looked presentable, he even managed to be forth-right without sounding miserable. I hope he sent John King a bouquet of flowers to thank him for that opening question in the debate that allowed him to start very strong and show righteous indignation. A superb response from Gingrich. But one response doesn’t make a leader. Certainly Gingrich seems to have found his level/tone/stride and used it well. At the same time Mitt Romney didn’t do himself any favors in the way he handed the Tax returns issue. It was partly Gingrich gaining ground and Romney giving away ground. In terms of leadership ability for the top job, ( I still say none of them) based on the four candidates, Romney still has the edge.

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