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18 2013

Interview with Robert Gignac on radio show, Business in Motion.

Syndicated from: Business in Motion: Insights from Business Leaders

Who is Robert Gignac? Co-author, along with Michael J. Townshend, of the book, Rich is a State of Mind. What is the book about? It is a fictional story about the lessons of personal finance as seen through the eyes of a humours disfunctional Canadian family. Who is the book for? Individuals aged 20 to 40 who are in the early stages of financial planning.  They will discover in an easy to understand, non-intimidating story why they should care about financial planning and what they should do about it. Insights from this interview with Robert Gignac First simple lesson is to live below your means. If you make $100, then spend no more than $90. Its the only way to enjoy a future  that allows you to do what you will want to do. How do you make your dream real? First write it down. “What is your goal?” is the most important chapter in the book. The best advice that Robert received from his financial planner was to start by saving $25 a month. To save your money, put it where it is not easy to get at. People will call you lucky if you are doing the things that they want to do but they believe that they can’t. Robert wrote the first draft of the book long hand because while doing that he was not tempted to stop and edit. His brain told him to just keep writing and edit later. Rich does not necessarily mean lots of money. One definition of “rich” is the density of hue in colourListen to this interview with Robert GignacListen to this interview on iTunesListen to other interviews on Business in MotionGeorge Torok Host of Business in Motion Business Speaker Listen to Business in Motion audio PodCasts On iTunes Business in Motion on Facebook a2a_linkname="Business in Motion";a2a_linkurl=""; Business in Motion Weekly radio show Host: George Torok

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