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31 2010

Jack Shand

Executive search, Not-for-profit expert

President, Leader Quest Inc.,

You don't want to acquire a racehorse to pull a plow. Jack Shand, Management Consultant and President of Leader Quest – an Executive Search firm – offers insight into the competition for talent and the demand that is still to come. Jack Shand shares the issues facing not for profits today and the war for talent.  He offers advice on the measurable returns on management hires, as well as the growing trend of executive movement into the not for profit.  Learn about motivating and managing the un-paid professional, and the dynamics of a non-profit board. Revealing key HR trends moving forward, Jack Shand talks about what you should be concerned about, and brings up the question of HR ROI.  For those seeking information on the world of professional recruiting, he gives an inside look at how to be considered by a recruiter, how to get to the top of an executive search list, and how to be a better candidate.

Interview Date: May 2010


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