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13 2015

Jill Donahue

Ethical Behaviour Change

Founder, Excellerate,

50-70% of people don't adhere to doctor’s orders. Jill Donahue from Excellerate shares how she is teaching the medical community to influence behavior change – ethically. Discussing the ‘staircase’ of behavior change, she reveals the change process and gives examples and concrete demonstrations of how her process works.  Jill Donahue applies the ‘steps’ in the staircase to the doctor/rep relationship as well as the doctor/patient relationship and points out current errors and opportunities.  With a dedicated background in pharma, Jill Donahue shares her thoughts on the industry reputation, changes, innovations, and what lead her to found the charity Bricks and Books. Learn the components to influencing behavior. Learn how to know when you’re not influencing. And learn how direct to consumer advertising could be a good thing.

Interview Date: August 2011

Jill Donahue: Blog

Apr 03 2014

Leaders Eat Last

from: Jill Donahue

Syndicated from: if you give a little love... you will get a little love

Enjoy my summary of top 3 lessons from Leaders Eat Last here



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