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11 2011

Jody Steinhauer

Chief Bargains Officer

Founder & President of The Bargains Group Ltd.,

Who doesn’t love a bargain? President and Chief Bargains Officer of The Bargains Group, Jody Steinhauer talks about the wholesale industry and the development of retail discount in Canada.  Discussing the apparel industry, major chains, and the coming of American retail into Canada, Jody Steinhauer offers insight into the business of merchandise in North America. Blending her belief in philanthropy with innovative business strategy, Jody Steinhauer defines her thoughts on corporate responsibility, and how corporations can make an impact in their community and beyond. Listing several charities that she’s involved with in varying ways, she is quick to site the wide network of contacts and suppliers that help make it all possible.  Learn how giving back makes great corporate sense.

Interview Date: April 2011


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