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18 2012

Joe Oliver and The Sundance Kid

Syndicated from: Steve Paikin

Normally, the Canadian natural resources minister is able to do his job with a certain anonymity. Quick now: name any other natural resources minister in Canadian history.  If you can, you're doing better than most. But these aren't normal times and Joe Oliver is no normal minister. He's the only Harper cabinet minister in the 416. He's become a politician for the first time in his life in his 70s (and with that comes a certain comfort in being provocative). And pipeline politics, which is his department's concern, abounds these days, for two significant reasons: 1. The Obama administration appears set to put the Keystone XL pipeline into a deep freeze, at least until after this November's presidential election. 2. The Northern Gateway pipeline has been a growing controversy, thanks in part to Oliver's comments that "foreign radical interests" have infected the approvals' process. I buttonholed Oliver after a recent speech to the Ontario Energy Association and asked him why he was taking aim at Robert Redford, best known for his film festival, his environmentalism, and his best ever character, The Sundance Kid. Here's our exchange:

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