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05 2013

John Jantsch, Great Work MBA

Syndicated from: Box of Crayons

If you’re a regular of this space, you know that I love the work of John Jantsch.  He’s the author of two great books, Duct Tape Marketing, and my personal favourite, The Referral Engine. And, for the lucky folks enrolled in the Great Work MBA (you are registered, right? It’s free!) he’ll be talking to us about how to create clarity on Thursday Nov 14th. I’ve been fortunate to interview John twice, and his insights are always keen and provocative. I hope you enjoy them… John on Duct Tape Marketing John is insatiably curious, admits to getting bored easily and is a voracious reader of 100 blogs and 4 books a week. During our interview John shares his wisdom about: How social media years are like dog years His “light bulb” moment about the secret to marketing small businesses The 2 biggest mistakes that John sees over and over, and make him smack himself on the head every time How to turn your biz into a “Referral Engine” that people love talking about Creating a brand that’s as cool as Apple (don’t worry.. you don’t need their budget or iPads) Listen to my interview with John Jantsch John on The Referral Engine In this interview from last year, John and I discuss: Why clarity is his word of the year Cultivating big audacious ideas How to identify and focus on your 3 highest payoff activities Listen to my interview with John Jantsch. Hope to see you at the Great Work MBA!

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