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02 2012

Jonah Lehrer, Imagine

Syndicated from: Box of Crayons

Jonah’s been in the news this week with the revelation that some of the quotes he attributed to Bob Dylan were fabricated. No doubt there’s a whole story behind what went on, but one victim in all of this might be Jonah’s book Imagine: How Creativity Works, which I thought was fun, useful and insightful. Here’s an interview I did with Jonah shortly after the launch of the book – and what follows is the original blurb I wrote. I’ve always got an ear out for the latest on creativity and innovation. I actually taught it for many years. So I get pretty excited when a really useful and insightful book comes out. It’s a pleasure to talk with Jonah Lehrer about his new book, Imagine: How Creativity Works.  Jonah is truly one of the best and most popular science writers today. Think of him as Malcolm Gladwell but with less outrageous hair. So how can you be creative? Do you need to be autistic, take Benzedrine, be really sad or angry or ideally a combo of the two, suffer from a degenerative brain disease or be exiled from your city and country of birth? If you’ve got all that you are well on the path to creativity. To get the full story on how creativity works, listen to Jonah and I as we chat on: Why we all need to relax more to increase creativity How social networks can play a huge role in your success The secret sauce at Pixar and why they start their day criticizing each other To find out more, check out his website Listen to my interview with Jonah Lehrer now.      

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