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22 2010

Joseph Palumbo

Career Planning, Career Leadership

Executive Director, Schulich School of Business Career Development Centre,

Demonstrating the impact of life-long learning, Joseph Palumbo has distinguished himself as a leading resource in career strategy. Former Chair of United Way Peel, Executive Director of the CDC at Schulich School of Business, and FCMA, Joseph Palumbo discusses the partnering of community and career leadership. Offering advice on career planning, he answers those difficult career questions – from a job seekers perspective, and also the point of view of the recruiter.  Learn the steps to take in a career transition, or how to innovate your job search.  Don't be left behind in your career, take a page from Joseph Palumbo's book. (Note: Joseph Palumbo wrote the forward in Randall Craig's best seller Personal Balance Sheet – A Practical Career Planning Guide.)

Interview Date: November 2010




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