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01 2010

Kary and Uche Odiatu

Fitness, Health, Lifestyle

Certified Trainer, Nutrition Counsellor,

Exuding positive health and wellness, Canada's First Couple of Fitness, Kary and Uche Odiatu, join us to talk about how they discovered their passion for health, how it's changed their lives, and how it can change yours. Retracing how they met and built their careers, Kary and Uche Odiatu share how they maintain the balance in their lives together.  Offering advice for those who are starting on the road to health, they give tips and strategies on how to integrate health into a lifestyle and make time for your health. Learn the answer to common health questions like: Do I stretch before or after? How do I keep to a routine? What's a Fitness Friendship? And witness Kary Odiatu's signature move!

Interview Date: April 2010


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