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14 2010

Kelly McCormick

Reinventor of Business and Sales Processes

President, The McCormick Team Inc.,

Are you living in the land of assumptions? Kelly McCormick, Sales Consultant and author of Outsell Yourself, talks about best sales practices and the difference between presentations and questions. Following an entrepreneurial path from an early age, Kelly McCormick shares her lessons on sales pressure, intentional pauses, and first-time buyers.  Giving sales advice to non-sales people, she confronts the "so what" and promotes the probing questions that gain agreement and build trust. Learn five must-have techniques for selling. Take away the potent three-part after sales enquiry.  More than that, be real, really mean it, and Outsell Yourself!

Interview Date: June 2010

Kelly McCormick: Blog

Nov 22 2016

Lots of Awesome Marketing Ideas for Small Business Saturday #B2B #B2C

from: Kelly McCormick

Syndicated from: Kelly McCormick

I was recently asked by Spectrum Business Insights to share marketing ideas to increase sales on Small Business Saturday.

In the interview you’ll find ideas for both B2B and B2C campaigns.

May 06 2015

How $25, I Barely Had, Changed a Life – Including Mine

from: Kelly McCormick

Syndicated from: Kelly McCormick

This is the story of how $25, that I barely had, helped someone halfway around the world. It’s also about how the same twenty-five dollars changed my life in ways that I’m now ready to speak about.

But first, I have to mention the accident.

Mar 01 2015

Using THE LAW of ATTRACTION When Marketing

from: Kelly McCormick

Syndicated from: Kelly McCormick

You might already be using the law of attraction when marketing.

However, when you really understand how it works you get even better results!

Here’s why the law of attraction turbo charges your marketing and how to use it.



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