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09 2013

Kelly McCormick’s Tips to Succeed –No Matter What!

Syndicated from: Kelly McCormick

Enlightened entrepreneurs, and successful companies, know that a secret to success is to have a ‘no matter what’ attitude. We look for opportunities to move forward, in spite of what others may think. Then we go for it. Here are some of my ‘glass half full’ tips on how to succeed –no matter what! Avoid ALL Negativity • Stay away from negative people and conversations • Admit that it’s too easy to slip into the blaming game and/or the poor me stories • Recognize that complaining has little to no value and is a huge time and energy waster • Understand that not everyone wants to take responsibility for how they create, sabotage and/or miss opportunities in their lives, careers or business Pay Attention to What’s Got Your Attention • Know that even if the economy is challenged, agreeing with others can sabotage your success • Retreat if you find yourself sucked into the latest doom and gloom report and/or thinking thoughts like, “Business is slow” Or “You can’t charge what you used too • Reframe any negative thoughts with positive solution oriented language and goals Check- in and Get Real With Yourself • Recognize that you can’t fix behavior or habits that you don’t acknowledge • Accept that it requires courage to self-critique your current responses to ‘potential’ problems or set-backs. • Acknowledge that it can take a high level of self-responsibility to change what you don’t like • Check out my earlier post for reframing examples, 4 Tips to ‘Raise Your Thoughts’ & Your Business Income! Use A Power Mantra! After having owned three businesses, during three recessions, my mantra has been, “I’ll figure this out!” And you know what? I always do figure it out! If you found this information useful, I can help you to grow your business too through my coaching, consulting or speaking services. Please feel free to contact me directly. Regards, Kelly

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