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03 2011

Kevin Maynard

Supply Chain, Sourcing, Partnerships

Executive Director of Supply Chain Sector Council,

Employing almost 750,000 Canadians across the country in various industries and occupations, Supply Chain is an essential sector in the Canadian economy.  Kevin Maynard, Executive Director of the Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council, discusses the Supply Chain industry and it's roles within Canada. He addresses the challenges of global sourcing, demand planning, and the impact of increasing fuel costs. Having a massive spectrum of labour forces involved in Supply Chain, Kevin Maynard talks about their efforts to recruit and retain employees. He focuses on some of the Council's Programs and Partnerships to interest new recruits, and guide them into accreditation programs and professional designations. Giving credit to partnering Associations, he lays out the origin and function of the council and shares some of what's to come from the Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council.

Interview Date: January 2011


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