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10 2012

Labour needs a leader

Syndicated from: Paul Bridle

Today Ed Miliband (Leader of the Labour Party in UK) tried hard to relaunch the Party without seeming like it was a relaunch, take the Party in a new direction, without appearing that he has got it wrong for the last nine months, and attempted to portray the man with the answers without explaining why he has not come up with them before! In fairness, with rising concern in his Party about his ability to Lead, he has to do something but the trouble is he is not a Leader and has certainly not got street credibility. Labour made a big mistake loosing his brother, David Miliband, who would have at least been a credible leader of the opposition. In a typical Ed Miliband presentation style, (A style that makes me feel that I am watching a kid answering back to the Head Master and trying hard to be grownup) he talked about a “changed” Labour Party that would make better choices on spending. Labour has changed so much recently that it is in danger of becoming a ‘master of change’…. which will end up with them creating change for changes sake. Ed didn’t like Tony Blair’s direction, not fully in agreement with Gordon Brown’s direction (but who did) and so set off in another direction that he now wants to change!?!?! The only good thing about Ed Milband being leader of the Labour Party is that the Conservatives only have to worry about their Partners in the Coalition these days. My thoughts on Ed Miliband are the same as I wrote when he became leader of his Party….wrong man and bad for Britain. Whoever is in power, a good opposition is important and there isn’t one. In fact, the Liberal Party, had they not been in a coalition, would have made a better opposition! Where have all the leaders gone?  Oh yes…..working on TV shows!

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